Agent HQ


The Goal Of The Game

The Society of Investigation (S.I.) is a new treasure hunt concept

Innovative, virtual, immersive and competitive, this investigation game is designed for players between the ages of 15 and 125. It is played alone or in a group.

The S.I. offers different operations all year round. It's up to you to solve the mystery!

Necessary tools

  • Access to an internet connection
  • A valid postal address (to be able to receive your prize if you ever win one of our competitions)
  • Your brain, your logic and your imagination

Technological requirements (only necessary for our puzzle hunts that require interactions with the real world - these are not required for Opération Ouija and Opération Choeur Brisé which are exclusively online)

During your investigation, you will cross paths with small chips bearing the S.I. insignia. These elements contain crucial information for your investigation. 

And so you wonder how to use them... You'll see, it's easy. Here are the two ways you can proceed:

  • If you own a recent secret code detection tool (otherwise known as a smartphone) equipped with an NFC chip reader, you simply have to bring your tool within less than 10 centimetres from the chip. The content you seek will immediately appear on your screen. (if nothing happens, make sure that your phone's NFC function is properly activated and that your phone is compatible with NFC tags. Many websites can guide you on the subject if need be.)
  • If your smartphone is not equipped to read NFC tags, you can read the qr code with your tool's camera application, or with a qr code reading application. (many websites can guide you on the subject if need be.)

You don't own a secret code detection tool? The two methods listed above don't wield any successful results? You can also use the alphanumerical code written just beneath the QR code by entering it in the following URL:
(warning, this code is case-sensitive (uppercase/lowercase))
Example: if the code is H58t, open your browser and type www.si-51.com/tags/H58t


Agent HQ

The agent HQ (the Agent Headquarters) is the virtual space where you'll find all the game content (operations, folders and files), your agent information, your score and the leaderboard.

The operation - The Folder - The File

  • Operation : Main story of the mystery to be solved, made up of one or more folders.
  • Folder : A gathering of all the different files that make up the operation.
  • File : A set of puzzles to solve.
  • Top Secret Mandate : A championship reserved for the elite!


  1. To become an agent, you must:
    > buy the operation you wish to play!
    (Some operations have a competitive component that ends within a certain deadline. Even after the end of the deadline, the operation is still available to play!)
  2. Upon receiving your access code, log into your HQ. (Your access code will be provided to you by email.)
  3. All your files will be available in the Agent HQ.
  4. Solve the puzzles, validate your answers, earn points and climb up the leaderboard. (Click on the files to begin.)

Score, clues, leaderboard and top secret mandate

Score and clues

As soon as you click on the first puzzle file, a virtual timer will be activated. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more points you can earn. Your score is displayed in your agent HQ. You can compare it to those of your fellow agents for the specific operation you are playing by reading the leaderboard.

*Warning! When you validate your answers, a penalty will be applied to your score after three wrong answers. Double-check your answers if you don't want to lose points.


Need a hand during your investigation? Click on the clue button to obtain some useful information.

You managed to solve your file without any help? Amazing! Your hard work will be rewarded, and bonus points will be added to your Agent score.


You earned enough points? Climb up the leaderboard and become part of the elite.

Top secret mandate

Some operations can include a top secret mandate. It is an exclusive championship for the elite agents. The agents chosen for this mandate will be selected according to their position in the leaderboard.

After 12 weeks of playing, the agents on top of the leaderboard will be contacted with instructions. Some prizes will be awarded to different categories of agents : those who solved the case first, the fastest agents, those who used the fewer clues, etc...!

After the championship, the top secret mandate will become available to all agents who are registered to the current operation, just for fun!


The Society of Investigation (S.I.): an entertainment service designed by À Double Tour Inc.

On March 15th 2020, our lives (and yours!) turned upside down. All of a sudden, we could no longer welcome you at our place to make you enjoy one of our delightfully immersive escape games. Sometimes, life and its circumstances (like pandemics!) force us to adapt, but it's alright, we love challenges. 

From the early days of À Double Tour, our mission was to create fun by using our inventiveness and our originality. We thus worked really hard to offer you a brand-new kind of entertainment suited to the current situation. A contactless activity that will make you get out of your home virtually and physically (only for certain operations, as most are online exclusives) and that will make your summer a little more exciting. 

We started from our tried and true "Black beard Treasure Hunt" concept, which had taken place in the fall of 2015, which was even before the official opening of à double tour. We remixed it to create an innovative treasure hunt: the Society of Investigation.

We are therefore very proud to offer this new kind of entertainment, and we hope that it will allow you to discover, or enjoy once more, the À Double Tour kind of fun! 

Myriam Delisle & Alexandre Paquette
Founders and owners of À Double Tour

À Double Tour in a few words

  • More than 110,000 players have played and enjoyed the immersive experiences provided by à double tour since 2016.
  • Pioneers of the immersive escape game genre in quebec, incorporating realistic and impactful sets built by renowned scenographers, original and immersive sound design, theatrical animations featuring endearing characters, 100% story-based puzzles, a second chance concept and more...
  • Five escape game courses in the heart of quebec city, multiple original events such as the black beard treasure hunt, the asylum nights and halloweek, ephemeral escape games, a customizable animation and conception service, corporate events... And all that in just 5 years!
  • Two immersive adventures in partnership with the Plains of Abraham (la Tourmenteuse) and the Stadaconé Distillery (Land Ahoy!)
  • Proud to count Ubisoft, Beenox, Desjardins, Industrielle Alliance, CGI, la Commission Scolaire des Premières Seigneuries, Polytechnique Montreal's 2019 graduates and hundreds of Quebec businesses among its corporate clients.

To know more, visit our website at www.adoubletour.com and join us on our Facebook page À Double Tour – Expériences immersives.

To communicate with a member of the À Double Tour inc. team:

Postal address : 201-420, boul. Charest est, Québec (QC) G1K 8M4
Phone : 581 981-GAME (4263)
Email : info@adoubletour.com


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