Are you aged between 5 and 125 years old? The S.I. is for you!

Do you want to entertain yourself on your own, with your family, with your friends or with your co-workers? The S.I. Is the solution!
Are you a fan of escape rooms, treasure hunts, geocaching, challenges and puzzles? The S.I. will fulfill your desires.

You can play alone, as a couple, with your family or with a group, anything is possible! It's up to you to decide whether you want to play individually, competitively or collaboratively.
As soon as you sign up, you will receive an automatic confirmation email to validate your S.I. Registration, as well as the information required to log into your Agent HQ.
After completing your registration to the S.I., you will only need three and a half things: a smartphone, an internet connection, a valid postal address and... your brain!
During certain operations, some equipment necessary to solving the puzzles may be sent to you by mail. It is thus essential that your postal address is valid. This does not apply for Opération Ouija and Opération Choeur brisé, which are exclusively online.
Certain operations will require transportation. This does not apply for Opération Ouija and Opération Choeur brisé, which are exclusively online.Sometimes we launch operations that take place in real physical locations.If it is the case with the operation you selected, you must move to the locations where the operation takes place a minimum of three times per folder. If it's not possible for you, but you would still like to take part in the virtual portion of the game, we invite you to play in collaborative mode by joining a person who is able to move.
While some operations require you to get out of your home (this does not apply for Opération Choeur Brisé and Opération Ouija, which are exclusively online), we encourage you to follow the safety guidelines applicable to your region. Here are a few tips to respect the current measures:
  • When in public, wear a mask and practice social distancing
  • When on the mission field, wash your hands frequently
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we designed puzzles that don't require you touching or manipulating objects. You can thus avoid touching anything and everything.
  • Refer to the official governmental websites to be fully aware of the laws, norms and measures currently applicable in your region.
Please also note that due to the pandemic, it is possible to experience postal delays. Be sure that the s.I. Will provide you with your equipment, if need be, within the best possible time frame and that we are not responsible for any postal delays.
Yes! Before or during the current operation, anytime is a good time to join the s.I. Even if the mission already begun, you will benefit from the same content and advantages as the agents who are already registered.
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